Here at Priestley, we use the learning system of 'Maths Makes Sense' in the teaching and learning of mathematics.


It is a dynamic and flexible teaching and learning cycle whereby children are fully engaged and active throughout every lesson. Within the learning system we use concrete objects - cups and digit cards to bring the abstract to life.  


What do children remember the most?

1. What they teach

2. What they do


MMS is built around this concept.  In addition to this, we continue to develop our children's understanding and application of Maths learning through other educational tools and resources.

Please take a look at the MMS website to learn more:


Maths Makes Sense


Please find Priestley's calculation policy on the website – this explains how we teach calculations. This will be a useful tool for you to use when helping your child with their maths learning at home.

Calculation Policy

From September 2017, we will be launching our new interactive home/school maths program 'DoodleMaths'. Which will be accessible to all our pupils from Reception to Year 6. Please take at look at the DoodleMaths website below to find out more.  

Logging on to Doodle Maths

  • Download the free app onto any touchscreen device (iPad, Kindle Fire, Android tablet etc.) or computer

  • Login using your childs username and password.

  • Encourage regular use (DoodleMaths will "tutor" your child on their specific strengths and weaknesses as it learns more about their level of understanding)

  • Add your email in the Grown Ups section of the app to enable you to track your child's progress and strengths and weaknesses on our Parent Dashboard More information can be found at

Other Maths websites which you may find useful are:

The Nrich Maths Project

Maths Dictionary for Kids

Times table games

If you have any questions regarding Maths at Priestley,  please don't hesitate to ask!


Mrs D Ross

Assistant Headteacher and Maths Co-ordinator​

Priestley Primary School, Prince Charles Drive, CALNE, Wiltshire SN11 8TG