Welcome to Harlequin Class

Harlequin Class

Class Teacher: Mrs D Ross/Miss E Morgan

Teaching Assistant: Mrs L Mullens


Harlequin Class have been doing some really exciting things during science week.

Harlequin Class have created their own ‘Mini-water worlds’ to investigate the water cycle. We were able to use the scientific words – evaporation, condensation and precipitation to explain how the cress grew.


We created our own water cycle wheels with explanations about each stage of the water cycle.

My favourite part has been making our ‘mini water worlds’. I was fascinated how the water evaporated and stopped to form condensation on the clingfilm.

 I liked the science assembly it was scary when the fire lit up!

I enjoyed it when they played ‘Ice Ice Baby’ through the tube and there were flames coming out of it!

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I liked the part in the assembly when they showed us what happens when we talk.

I enjoyed making the water cycle wheels and recording the different stages of the water cycle on the wheel.

I enjoyed finding out about the water cycle – when the water hit the clingfilm you could see the condensation.