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At Priestley, we look at exploring historical events through an investigative approach. There are many significant events that the children will learn about throughout their years at Priestley. These include significant people, such as Grace Darling and Isambard Kingdom Brunel, significant time periods, such as the Romans and Victorians.

History is woven through many of the cornerstones topics and is taught through the use of the Cornerstones implementation process. Pupils are encouraged to ask and enquire about the past and seek to find answers through a range of resources including researching, evaluating evidence and artefacts and using first-hand experiences and evidence such as visitors and artefacts. The school makes use of some local history through topics within the Cornerstones curriculum. We will encourage children to think about the difference between the past and the present, reflecting on how this might change in the future.

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The Geography curriculum is taught through the Cornerstones implementation and links to other areas of learning as well as progressing through year groups and phases. Pupils have access to the local area and resources to support their fieldwork skills within the curriculum. Use of ICT, including Google Earth, is used to bring other areas of the world to life.

In Geography, we will be learning how to use geographical skills to find out all about different cultures and parts of the world. We will be comparing different areas including our own town. There will be links with the environment, thinking about how we can take care of our world. Not only will the children learn how to read maps and interpret data, they will also be asked to use these skills to answer questions and explain their findings.

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PSHE stands for personal, social and health education as currently stands as a non-statutory subject taught in school. Here at Priestley we see an enormous value in equipping our students to be responsible citizens and adults through the teaching of PSHE. The subject is broken down into relationships, health education, sex education as well as teaching them British Values, Citizenship and making them aware of radicalisation and drugs where appropriate.

We teach PSHE using the JIGSAW approach and have broken our sessions down each term in a similar way. The subject headings are:  Being me, celebrating difference, dreams and goals, healthy me, relationships and changing me. We also use elements of 3D PSHE to support teaching and resourcing in our lessons.

Priestley are lucky enough to enjoy annual visits from ‘The Life Bus’ where children can meet Harold the Giraffe and help keep him safe as well as visits from ‘people who help us’ such as police, fire safety, dentists and other professionals throughout their school life. PSHE also manifests itself in the form of circle time which all classes practise, in some form, on a regular basis in the classrooms.

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