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SENDCo Provision

Priestley Primary School is an inclusive school that seeks to support and challenge all children to achieve their full potential, both academically and socially & emotionally, regardless of their starting point or ability. We do this primarily through high quality differentiated teaching; although we recognise that, at different stages of their development, some children may benefit from additional academic or emotional/social support.   Receiving additional support does not necessarily mean a child has Special Education Needs or will be placed on the SEN (SENDCo) register.

We plan lessons that include additional support for those children who are identified as having additional educational needs either through Special Educational Needs or as Able, Gifted and Talented students. Please use the links below to access our school SENDCo policy and our information report for the previous academic year.


Our current special educational needs coordinator is Mrs K Staniforth who works Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  

She can be contacted at

We also have A Parent Support Advisor in school if you require further support click here for details

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