Welcome to Puffin Class

Puffin Class 

Class Teacher: Mrs V Marsh-Ballard 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs K Street

Teaching Assistant: Miss A Sodera 


Puffin Class have been doing some really exciting things during science week.

This week in Science week Year 5 have been conducting a range of experiments. We started the week by seeing who could make the best cup of tea using a range of materials and loose tea. It was really good fun and the children worked well in small groups. On Tuesday we looked at solids, liquids and gases in the morning and then we went to St. Mary’s in the afternoon to work in the labs. The children tested different compounds by putting them through the Bunsen burner flame. We learnt about how to be safe in a lab and all the children got a certificate saying they could use one appropriately! At the end of the week we looked at irreversible changes by making plastic and ice cream and reversible changes by looking at ice and water. Finally, to end the week Nick Arnold came and wowed us some more!

I enjoyed dissecting the lambs heart as it made me feel like a surgeon and I could relate it to the human heart.


I learnt that you can make tea bags out of different materials. Tullulah

 I loved testing the chemicals in the Bunsen burner. They all changed colour.


Wow! I can’t believe we just made plastic!” – Cody