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Computing at Priestley aims to equip children to participate in a rapidly changing world where work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by technology. Termly planning intends to cover the strands of the computing curriculum: Creative Technologies, Digital Literacy, E-Safety and Computer Science.


Please see termly class subject mapping for specific coverage.


In order to enable both staff and pupils to develop confidence and competence in the use of technology throughout the curriculum we have access to a great range of technology across the school including:

  • Wireless internet access

  • Interactive Clevertouch boards in all classrooms and SMART board in our group rooms

  • A computer suite equipped with 16 monitors, plus microphones and speakers

  • Two class sets of iPads

  • Variety of digital cameras/recording devices

  • Control hardware – Beebots

  • Variety of software that supports skills across the curriculum

The access to these technologies gives members of Priestley Primary School the opportunity to engage with the new Computing Curriculum as well as support learning across other areas of the curriculum. 


Useful websites for computing:


E-safety is a statutory part of the curriculum. In order to advise the children how to be ‘E-Safe’, throughout the year, E-Safety is taught discretely before using the internet in computing sessions. Annually, we take part in ‘E-Safety day’ (run by UK Safer Internet Centre). The children take part in a wide range of learning experiences related to exploring how to use the internet positively.


Safer Internet Access Policy


For further information on how to help your child keep themselves safe on the internet please take a look these websites:


E. Morgan

Computing Co-ordinator


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