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The Future of Priestley

To link with the school's approaching 50th Anniversary, it is the intention to launch an on-going project over the next three years that will address the following areas:

  • Provide a stimulating outdoor environment for the children

  • Raise the profile of the school in the local community

  • Involve where possible the local community in school improvements

  • Increase numbers on roll

  • Raise additional funds

We are primarily looking to improve the school's grounds by providing a range of stimulating & educational experiences that the children can enjoy during both playtimes and class time. We are looking to provide a range of gross motor experiences in the form of climbing frames, traversing walls and a small multi sports area.


We are looking to extend the children's opportunities to explore and enjoy/appreciate nature by planting two new copses of trees, one of which will enclose a small storytelling area for the children to enjoy stories in the great outdoors. The other will allow the children to participate in traditional woodland activities such as den building.


In additional to this, we are looking to provide a functional covered all weather outdoor learning environment for the reception & Yr1 classes to enjoy all year round.


As an aside to this, it is hoped that the project will continue to raise the profile of the school locally, as it is vitally important that over the next couple of years we maintain the upper hand with regard to our reputation. With this continued raised profile, we should be able to fill the remaining 20 or so places left at the school. In increasing numbers on roll, we would raise enough funds to fulfil our aims. However, even looking in the short term, just a couple of additional children would afford us the luxury of looking to employ a professional bid writer in a quest to chase additional funds.


The final aim is that, when the school reaches the grand old age of fifty years, it is looking better than it has ever in the past, is full to the brim with enthusiastic learners and there's a waiting list of children eager to get in, whilst not forgetting our bread & butter & maintaining the high levels of education currently being provided.

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