Welcome to Mallard Class

Mallard Class

Class Teacher: Mr C Gibbens/Miss E Morgan

Teaching Assistant: Mrs K Street


Mallard Class have been doing some really exciting things during science week. 

Mallard learnt about the circulatory and the digestive systems and made games to play to demonstrate their knowledge of how each system works. This was followed by heart dissection, so we internally look at the workings of a heart. We also investigated fire at St Mary’s School, where we used their laboratories to safely “Play with Fire” and carry out explosive investigations. We all enjoyed science week and Nick Arnold finished the week with his amazing Science Show – Jeremiah, Freya, Charlotte, Yasmin, Mary and Mr. Gibbens all won competitions and have exclusive Nick Arnold badges.

In my opinion my favourite part was when we learnt about the Circulatory System and the Digestive system and how they travel. Imogen

The best part of Science week was when I received my Bunsen Burner Licence and when Dr F (at St. Mary’s) set fire to Miss Morgan.  Mary

I have enjoyed Science week because we set the teachers on fire and then we dissected a lamb’s heart. Jeremiah