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Religious Education

Religious Education at Priestley aims to teach children about different religions and cultures around the world to help them develop an understanding of others. Religious Education is a subject in the national curriculum that all children are expected to participate in to develop their own learning. Termly planning intends to cover a significant event within a different religion building on previous learning.  


Please see termly class subject mapping for specific coverage. This is sent to parents by email and can also be found on the Parent information section of the Website.


Currently, children learn about six different religions from across the globe:


  • Christianity,

  • Buddhism,

  • Sikhism,

  • Judaism,

  • Islam,

  • Hinduism.


In order to enable children to develop their understandings about different beliefs, we have a range of different resources in school such as books and artefacts. At appropriate times throughout the year the children may also experience visitors in school to help develop their learning and visits to places such as the local church to learn about religion.



Useful websites for Religious Education  (Christianity)  (BBC Bitesize RE) (RE – Different religious events)




A. Ward

Religious Education Co-ordinator.

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