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Reading & Poetry at Priestley

Greater Depth/SEND

Raising Aspiration, Realising Ambition, Stimulating Curiosity.

Our intent is to nurture a love of reading thus allowing our children to discover a world of fantasy, fiction and fact. Through our varied and rich reading curriculum we intend for our children to develop the comprehension and word-reading skills to become successful life-long readers and to achieve the necessary skills to progress in all areas of the curriculum.
By exposing our children to a wide range of genres, styles and authors, children become independent advocates and critical thinkers of the ingredients needed to make a good book. Children will confidently share opinions and recommendations with their peers and teachers. We encourage children to read widely across both fiction and non-fiction texts, to enable them to develop awareness of themselves and the world in which they live. As a result, pupils at Priestley Primary School learn, consider, investigate, aspire to and muse over what their future could become and how they may choose to lead their lives.
Through regular teaching and modelling of essential reading skills such as predicting, interpreting and retrieving, our children learn how to engage with, and have a deeper understanding of the texts they read. By the end of their time at primary school the children should be able to read fluently and with confidence, preparing them for their forthcoming secondary education.
At Priestley Primary School we recognise the importance of providing opportunities to value reading by offering engaging and stimulating reading environments and encouraging access to school and community libraries. We also recognise the importance of building a home-school partnership which enables parents and carers to understand and support the skills and reading ethos of the school.


Placing learning at the heart of everything we do.

We teach phonics and reading skills as whole class lessons, so that all children have access to the age-related skills and knowledge contained in the National Curriculum. Within lessons, teachers and teaching assistants target support for children who need it to enable them to achieve at an age-related level wherever possible. Other children are also given opportunities to demonstrate a greater depth of understanding through extended answers, targeted questioning requiring more reasoned answers and making greater links across and between texts.


Priestley and Proud

As a result of our Reading Curriculum, our pupils are able to read with accuracy, confidence, fluency and understanding and be able to access reading across the curriculum. The school has a positive reading culture where children enjoy, engage with, and have understanding of a wide range of literature and authors. They are able to decode, use, and understand challenging vocabulary they have encountered throughout their reading journey, and link this with their spoken and written language. We aim to ensure that our children’s attainment is in line or exceeds their potential, when we consider the varied starting points of all the children.

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