Welcome to Goslings Class

Goslings Class 

Class Teacher: Mrs K Staniforth  

Teaching Assistant: Miss Z Davison 


Gosling Class have been doing some really exciting things during science week

Goslings went on an animal hunt on Monday and recorded what they observed outside in trees, bushes, the grass areas around school, the pond and anything they could see in the sky.

On Tuesday we classified different animals into groups: reptiles, amphibians, fish, mammals, insects & birds, then thought of questions to help with classification. Some examples of what we came up with were:  Mammals -  do they have hair or fur? Fish - do they have fins and gills?    Birds - do they have a beak, wings and feathers?

On Wednesday  we created a simple classification diagram (branching diagram) using questions from previous day.

Our last day of the week was spent mimicking actions of animals in our PE lesson, we had great fun pretending to  be a hedgehog doing animal rolls.

Rabbits are mammals because they give birth to babies that are alive not eggs.


A ladybird is an insect because it has 6 legs.

Millie W

A snake is a reptile because it has scales and lays it’s egg on land