Welcome to Ducklings Class

Reception Class

Class Teacher: Mrs J Grostate

Teaching Assistant: Mrs M Roberts


Duckling Class have been doing some really exciting things in class during Science week

Growing Cress

We experimented to find out what cress needs to grow.

We grew cress in three different ways.

We watered one but placed it in the dark. Then, we placed one in the sun but didn’t water it.  Finally, we placed one in the sun and watered it every day.


We found out that the cress that we didn’t water, didn’t even start to grow. The cress in the dark didn’t grow either.  The cress that we watered and placed in the sun grew very quickly.

We found out that cress needs air, sunlight and water to grow.

Why do Zebras have stripes?

Some scientists think that a zebra’s stripes help to keep insects away, stopping them from getting nasty bites and diseases.


To find out if this is true, we placed black and white striped paper alongside brightly-coloured plain paper on a flat surface in a warm, sunny spot in the wildlife area. We went to look at the pieces of paper at different times to see what happens.

We found out that most of the insects stayed away from the stripy paper and liked the bright yellow paper the best.

If they (seeds) are in the dark in a cupboard they don’t grow…because they need sunlight and water and air to grow.


Plants need water so if we don’t water them it will be dead….or it won’t grow.


The Zebra stripes…well…the bugs definitely don’t like them. It confuses them….maybe they like the bright colours the best because they are the same colour as flowers.