Welcome to Eider Class

Eider Class

Class Teachers: Miss A Ward

Miss L Gibbens

Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Plant


Eider Class have been doing some really exciting things during science week.

We started the week looking at shadows and understanding that they appear as a result of a light source being blocked and that light travels in straight lines.

The children conducted their own experiment, measuring their shadows at various times during the day and comparing the length to the earth’s rotation closer to or away from the sun.

We then took part in 3 investigations:

1: to test how bubbles stay on the surface after being mixed with paint and water.

2: to see how and why colour runs from skittles when water is poured onto them

3; to create a volcano using cola and baking powder

‘It was exciting. I was surprised because I thought we were going to use science stuff but instead we needed food stuff and it made an explosion.’

The best bit was when the bubbles went big and then they popped.


I like the bubbles and the squirting paint.


I made a brain when I blew the bubbles

‘It was hard to get the bubbles to stay on the surface but it was fun’

‘My experiment was explosive.’

‘It was fun but smelly.’