Welcome to Kingfisher Class

Kingfisher Class

Class Teacher: Miss S Lawrance

Teaching Assistant: Mrs K Meyers

Teaching Assistant: Mrs J Turner


Kingfisher Class have been doing some really exciting things during science week.

During science week, we have conducted several experiments looking at a range of scientific questions. 

First, we asked which material was the strongest. We wrapped chocolate eggs in different materials and dropped them at a height to see which ones broke and which materials protected the best. 

Then, we had a look at forces, exploring the question does height affect how quickly some moves down a slope. We used a model on a string zip wire to find out the answer.

Next, we looked at germs and sneezes. The children enjoyed spraying their ‘pretend’ sneezes to see how many children it would hit with and without a hand or tissue.

The children have also looked at the lifecycle of a plant to create their own plant lifecycle wheel.

Finally, we joined up with year three to complete a carousel of activities. This included erupting volcanos, colourful bubbles and melting skittles.

Watching the colours run from the skittles was really satisfying.


It was amazing how the skittles changed the colour of the water. The colours mixed together.


We put fairy liquid in a bottle with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. It exploded!


It was really fun throwing the eggs out the window and opening them up to see which ones broke.


I really enjoyed learning about germs spreading with the spray bottle.