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Parent Support Advisor

As part of our pledge to work with parents to find appropriate solutions to ensure a safe and happy environment where children thrive and learn we provide the service of a Parent Support Advisor.


Who is our Parent Support Adviser?


Mrs Paula Mitchard is our Parent Support Adviser.  She has worked at the school for 16 years and is a parent herself. She is here to support your child to get the very best from school by providing guidance and a listening ear. Mrs Mitchard will be able to help you with any worries you may have about your child, and provide advice, support and next steps if neccessary.

What does our Parent Support Adviser do?


Mrs Mitchard helps support parents and carers in their demanding role. She does this by:

  • working with parents and carers to try to help with issues around their children's wellbeing in school,

  • helping parents and carers with other parenting issues,

  • working with parents and carers to try to make sure that children are getting the most out of school and are safe and happy.

You may feel that you just want to have a relaxed chat over a cup of coffee with someone that understands the pressures on Parents and Carers today.

How does our Parent Support Adviser do this?


Some of the types of support that our PSA is able to offer are:

  • offering one to one support;

  • listening to parents/carers and giving confidential support and guidance;

  • providing information about other relevant services;

  • helping parents with any attendance issues;

  • facilitating  Triple P parenting groups.

Why might you need to use our Parent Support Advisor?


There may be times during your child's time with Priestley Primary School that you may want someone to talk to or ask questions of, so if you are thinking of any of the following situations (or similar) please contact Mrs Mitchard.

  • My child is having difficulties settling into school...

  • My child is anxious about school…

  • My child's behaviour is getting out of hand…

  • I have got lots of questions about being a parent…

  • I am worried about my child going to high school…

  • I'm really worried about my son/daughter's self-esteem…

  • I would like to know who else I can talk to about my situation….

  • I just need someone I can talk to....

How do I contact the Parent Support Advisor?


Mrs Mitchard can be contacted by phoning the school (01249812608) or via e-mail

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