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Priestley Primary School

Our School



We are really proud to be Priestley Primary School and part of our school team. We talk about being part of a team often, please read through our Vision, Mission and Core Value to find out more about us.

The Vision

 ‘Raising Aspiration, Realising Ambition, Stimulating Curiosity’.
Confident to explore an unknown future.

The Mission

'Placing Learning At The Heart Of All We Do'

How are we going to achieve our vision?

Working in partnership with pupils, parents, staff, Governors and the wider community to provide a safe, happy stimulating and purposeful learning environment where high expectations are set so that all pupils are challenged to achieve their potential, socially and academically.

Core Values

For our core values which underpin our mission I would like to introduce you to an extremely popular member of the Priestley Team. Spikey is the school’s learning character that was both designed and developed by the children themselves. Everyone at Priestley aspires to being ‘Spikey‘, every day. Attached to Spikey are the school's core values. Under an umbrella statement of ‘Respect for All’ our core learning values are:


Give it a go

Stay focussed

Share great ideas

Take responsibility

Think things through

Spikey in uniform.png
Spikey in uniform.png
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