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At Priestley we are now cashless and use an online payment system called ParentPay, which makes payments to school much easier for both Parents and the School Office.  This allows secure on-line payments using your credit or debit card - or cash payments through PayPoint.


Once your child has started at Priestley you will receive a letter with instructions and log-in details to activate your account – this is very simple to do.  Once you have activated your account you will be asked to change your password – it is then very important that you keep both your username and password safe.


All school meals, trips, swimming and breakfast club will need to be paid for online.  You will need to order school meals by ParentPay even if your child is in receipt of FSM or UIFSM (these will not incur a charge). 


Menu ordering must be done at least a week in advance.  There are strict deadlines for ordering meals, they need to be completed for the week ahead by 12 midnight on the Tuesday of the week prior to the menu starting.  Menu orders cannot be accessed after this time.  Always remember to confirm your choices (this button can be found at the bottom of the ordering screen on ParentPay).  Menus are shown for the whole academic year so you can order for more than one week at a time if you wish. 

Information Letter from ParentPay

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