Parents Letters

Please check here at least once a week for any letters that have been sent home, that may not have made it with your children (or are lurking in

the depths of book bags). 

KGA Virtual Parents evening for new Year 7                                                Eider Class Isolation Letter

Summer FUEL parents letter                                                                        Summer FUEL poster

Teal Class Isolation Letter                                                                            Year 5 and 6 Isolation Letter

School Welcome Back Letter                                                                        Asymptomatic Home Testing

School Re-opening Details 08 03 21                                                            Red Nose Day 19 03 21


Plan of Entrance/Exit EYFS                                                                            Plan of Entrance/Exit Yr 1 & 2

Plan of Entrance/Exit Yr 5 & 6                                                                       Plan of Entrance/Exit Yr 3 & 4

Return to School - Parent Code of Conduct                                                 Return to School - Pupil Code of Conduct

Microsoft Teams Timetable                                                                           World Book Day 04 03 21

Microsoft Teams Code of Conduct - Parent                                                  Microsoft Teams Code of Conduct - Child

Live Teams Teaching                                                                                      Staff LFD Testing in School 


Tapestry Parent Guide                                                                                    Seesaw Information Letter

School Opening for Critical Workers Children                                               School Closure Letter - 04 01 21


Covid 19 - Parent Information Poster