Parents Letters

Please check here at least once a week for any letters that have been sent home, that may not have made it with your children (or are lurking in

the depths of book bags). 

Returning to School - September 2020

Entrances & Exits for Teal, Eider & Sandpiper                                               Entrances & Exits for Pufflings & Cygnet

Entrances & Exits for Mallard, Curlew & Avocet                                           Entrances & Exits for Ducklings & Goslings

Updated end of Term Dates

Update on School Opening arrangements                                                   Opening Dates for EYFS, Year 1 and Year 6

New Key Worker Provision letter                                                                 Key Worker Information & Booking Form - Term 6

Possible Phased Opening - EYFS, Yr1, Yr6                                                    School Information for Children in Yr 2, Yr3, Yr4 & Y5

Priestley Primary School, Prince Charles Drive, CALNE, Wiltshire SN11 8TG