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Parents Forum

Our aim at Priestley Primary School is to provide the best possible start to your child's school career. In order to do this we need to find out how well we are meeting this aim, find out what is going well and what we need to work a little harder at. To do this we hold our termly Parent Forum, chaired by the school's Deputy Headteacher, Mr Gibbens, minutes from these meetings can be found below and also in 'Parents Information'.  This is an opportunity for you to share our strengths and help come up with ways to address our areas for development. 

The next meeting is Friday 2 February at 2pm

Together Everyone Achieves More

                                        Parents Forum Meeting 15 12 17                                           Parents Forum meeting 13 10 17

Parents Forum meeting 17 01 17                              Parents Forum meeting 22 11 16                         Parents Forum meeting 27 09 16                                               



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